Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let's give her something to talk about; god knows she needs it

I feel like such a new adult.

I got my first overdraft charge today. Actually I got two. Because of course the check I sent off to pay my power bill would go through on the same day they ran my charge from the bar. Eff! Yeah, yeah, I know I'm four years old. Fuck woman, just say fuck already! I mean, shit, don't be such a pussy ass bitch!

Hehe, I hope that gets me some fun google hits, or, you know, any at all. No, just kidding. I know you're out there Italian readers. Hi! Or, ciao, rather. Ciao!

Yeah, that's right, betcha didn't know I speak Italian. And by speak Italian I mean went to Italy for a month and can ask how much something costs but can't understand the answer. Numbers baffle me in every language.

What was the point of this post? Oh yeah, overdrafting. Actually (watch me tie this all together now) I originally got overdraft protection with my bank just in case I pulled too much out of the Italian ATMs. There's no way of telling the exchange rate when you remove cash and I didn't have a whole lot of access to the internet.

Umm... I'm going to talk more about Italy later. Meaning probably never unless someone reminds me. I think I'll chalk this post up to a fail due to watching stupid movies on the internet. This one's on you, House Bunny.

God that's a funny movie. Oh hey, God. That's something to talk about.

Um, believe in God children, for he will give you cake. Right? That's how it goes, right? Aw fuck, I'm going to Hell. I hear they have good cake!


I have overdraft protection now. There, everything's resolved.

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