Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jena's First Party

Last night The Boy and I threw our first party in our apartment. It wasn't big, just a few new work friends and one long time friend from The Boy's old job. I'm going to call him Titan, a moniker that is as incongruous as it is amusing (especially to those of us who know the reason). Everyone arrived and we settled in for a long night of drinking games.

We started off the night right with a game of Moose, and I'm happy to say I didn't have to drink the Moose Cup, an unholy conglomeration of whatever everyone happened to be drinking at the time, all rolled into one tasty refreshment. My new friends seemed to pass the cup back and forth for most of the game, but they learned their lesson: always pay attention and have the reflexes of a puma (no, not a moose. that would be bad).

My new awesome lesbian friend, who I'm going to call CD for reasons that shall remain unexplained then taught us the dice game she and all her lesbian friends (I swear they flock together or something) play when they drink. Basically someone rolls the dice at any point in the evening, saying "If I roll a *insert number not seven here*, so-and-so has to *insert dare*." This made for some pretty interesting situations, including rules everyone had to abide by for the rest of the night.

We played dirty Jenga and I had to serenade Titan's roommate, give my underwear to the someone (I picked The Boy because I'm lame like that), and describe my worst sexual experience. *shudder*

Next CD taught us another game called Queens (also invented by lesbians, although I would have guessed gay men) which is a variation on Kings, only with more making out and nudity. I had to trade pants with Titan and shirts with my other new work friend, Strip Club, and I kissed my second lesbian*.

The dice game was going on through all of this, and there were shots being taken and dares being fulfilled by everyone present. The Boy had to hit on Titan who was out of the room at the time of the roll and had no idea what was going on.

The last two games of the night (I know, we're ridiculous) were asshole and sevens, the former taught by CD and the latter taught by me. Sevens was kind of half-assed because most of us were drinking water by then, but I still say the night was a resounding success. We sent the boys safely home and gave the girls pillows and spots on the floor and passed the fuck out in bed, without even a perfunctory attempt at getting it on.

This morning we sent our new friends on their way and collapsed back in bed until one. I woke up still drunk, but I'm better now, and since The Boy is at work on this the day of America's independence, I'm meeting my new friends downtown for dinner, drinks, and some big noisy sky flowers.

Happy 4th everyone!

*I've kissed a lot of girls, most of them straight, some of them bi, but only one other lesbian. Oh college.

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