Monday, June 29, 2009

There's Bacon-Wrapped Pork in Paradise

Aha! I finally have a non-work post!

So I was at work today, and...

No, just kidding. Anyway. I got home from work today (my first day of dealing with customers, yay! Sorry, had to sneak that in there) and I opened my apartment door only to walk into not my apartment.

While I was at work today The Boy, That Fabulous Fiance of Mine worked on our apartment. A lot. We're talking furniture that didn't exist before and some previously existing furniture in new places and/or rooms AND (I can't believe there's an and) dishes AND (again!) laundry! Holy crapmonkeys*!

Oh, and he cooked dinner for me. How amazing is that? Ladies, if you're reading, stop looking for the perfect man, because I've found him and there's no way I'm sharing.

My goal is to sort and fold all the laundry and eat the dinner he so lovingly prepared so that I'm pulling my own weight in this house. Eating counts as a chore, right? Mmm bacon-wrapped pork. :)

*These are the monkeys who throw crap. According to me. Right now.

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