Friday, June 19, 2009

My Day with The Boy

The Boy had today -yesterday now, I guess- off so I actually put on real clothes and left the house.

We took the Max downtown and went to our two favorite downtown places: Powell's and the place near Powell's with all the awesome ethnic food stands. After some delicious fish tacos we went around the back of Powell's to go in the super secret entrance that only VIPs know about (aka the Orange Room entrance) and directly to the sell back books counter. Yes that's what it's called. Shush.

See, we're both big readers and last week we unpacked our six (six! joy!) boxes of books. And then we alphabetized them. It does my nerdy anal retentive heart good. Anyway, we had a few double copies, thus the back door.

Of Powell's, you dirty minded people! (Again with the believing someone reads this; ha!)

Did you know that you get an extra 20% when you take store credit instead of cash? Yeah... we spent it all and then some. Whoops! :)

We came home and The Boy tried one of his culinary experiments: salmon, avocado, and cream cheese filled pasta shells. It was okay, but could have been better. Meh; that's what experimentation is for.

And then we saw Star Trek. For a nerd I know astonishingly little about Star Trek, but I had heard that movie Kirk and movie Spock were sexy. They were okay, but why did no one tell me about Scotty??? Man I'm a sucker for accents.

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