Saturday, July 25, 2009

Adventure Three or Giant Robots Take Over the World

The Boy and I have been meaning to go see Transformers 2 ever since it came out in theaters, but with both of our work schedules to juggle plus last week's visit from his parents we hadn't had a chance. But then we managed to find a time that worked.

Oh my goodness, that movie is beyond description. Well, not really, but I'm a writer, I have skillz. If you're a girl, skip the next paragraph.

Boys, there were giant robots who wrestled and punched and tore each other's limbs off, HUGE explosions, and cool cars. Which transformed into robots. Also Megan Fox. The next paragraph is for the girls; don't read it!

Girls, there was a poignant story of young love and a boy who got the girl of his dreams. He loved her but he couldn't tell her for fear of losing her because she was sooo out of his league. Eventually he told her and then went off and did brave things or whatever. Also this girl kicked ass and wore cute shoes while doing it.

I enjoyed the movie for all these reasons and because I'm a giant nerd. I think the best part was when The Boy whispered that Optimus Prime must have been watching Jet Li movies because he was kicking Megatron's ass and I whispered back, nah, he's just rusty.


Because he's been under water for two years. Get it?

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