Sunday, July 26, 2009

This is what I do on my day off

In a stroke of pure fate The Boy and I both had Thursday off this last week. Since we never ever leave our house until work most days we decided to take advantage of the daylight and head downtown.

We took the Max into Portland proper with several goal in mind. Our first objective was feeding ourselves, and since it's been a while, we wanted sushi. I knew SushiLand was somewhere near Powell's aka the best place on earth so we got off the Max ans started walking.

In the two or three blocks between our stop and Powell's there were about six hobos asking for change, which seemed a little extreme for that part of town during the week. The Boy never carries change (we have a bucket for that shit; it's called a beer fund) and I was mysteriously out, but even if we would have had some we would have run out after a block. There were several more people begging around Powell's, including a juggler and a man with a violin but we averted our eyes and hurried past, intent on sushi.

SushiLand ended up being one of those places where the little plates go past you on a conveyor belt. The Boy loves these restaurants because he can get a little* of everything, but I always have to order things to be brought to me because I'm allergic to half the things in there. No shrimp, no crab, mussel, clam, oyster, lobster, squid, octopi...

The hostess was a little scared to serve me at all because there may have been contact between one of those things and my food, but I assured her I wouldn't die. No, this is not going where you think it is. I did not die.

After sushi we went to Powell's and bought entirely too many books, and then we swung by Spartacus because... well, why not? Something you may not have known about me: I enjoy going to porn stores just to laugh at how awkward half the things in there are.

We Maxed back home and hit the mall, where I bought myself a used copy of Guitar Hero 2! I've been looking for a cheapish copy ever since October when I came home from a weekend visiting The Boy to find that my selfish inconsiderate roommate had played it in my xBox and then left it on all weekend, burning a ring into the disc and rendering it unplayable. And then she refused to replace it.

Bitch owes me twenty dollars.

Then we had friends over for beer, including one of The Boy's best friends who was in town from Seattle for a job interview. He had to leave early to get some sleep before said interview, and the rest of us decided to watch Pirates 2.

And I don't mean Pirates of the Carribean.

It was odd, but very amusing.

*Actually a lot. The Boy puts away enough sushi for three people. It's both disgusting and fascinating.


LiLu said...

Ahahaha! My B saw that on Netflix and ordered it... apparently, it's the edited version with all the good stuff taken out. He was very disappointed... ;-)

Jena said...

Tell him he shouldn't be disappointed. The sexy isn't all that sexy; the awesome acting is the best part! Although to be fair the best part of the acting is what the captain says during his sexy time.